Mātauranga Wero Hanga

Te Papatipu Matihiko recently hosted the Minecraft Esports Experience, a one-day event that brought together teams of ākonga from 10 Kura a Iwi to showcase their skills in a fun and collaborative environment.

The Minecraft Esports Experience provided an opportunity for young people to explore the pathways that digital and creative tech offer in a hands-on way. It was also an opportunity for Kura students to develop their skills in a digital environment while celebrating te reo Māori and mātauranga Māori in a fun and engaging manner.

The event was professionally broadcast and live-streamed on Twitch, providing a platform for students to showcase their creativity and teamwork. With a focus on collaborative speed building challenges, the tournament challenged students to work together in a digital environment to complete a series of challenges based on mātauranga Māori understanding of papakāinga.

The Minecraft Esports Experience was a huge success, attracting 12 teams of 4 ākonga from 10 Kura a Iwi. The event not only allowed students to engage with esports and digital technology but also helped to promote te reo Māori and mātauranga Māori in a creative and interactive way. The Wero Hanga tournament provided a fun and engaging way for Kura students to develop their skills in a digital environment.

Te Papatipu Matihiko has already worked with over 6000 students across 125 schools to great success, and the Minecraft Esports Experience is a testament to the organization’s commitment to promoting digital and creative tech pathways in a fun and engaging way. With professionally broadcasted and live-streamed events like this, young people have a unique opportunity to develop their skills in a supportive and inclusive environment.

If you’re interested in learning more about Te Papatipu Matihiko and the Minecraft Esports Experience, be sure to visit their website and follow them on social media. Keep an eye out for their next event and join the growing community of young people who are exploring the exciting possibilities of esports and digital technology.